our mission and values

OUR MISSION: Health Care for All Minnesota (HCAMN) is dedicated to promoting affordable high quality healthcare for every Minnesotan through advocacy, education and community organizing.

OUR VALUES: We believe healthcare is an essential human need and that unequal access to healthcare is an injustice. It is  critical to remove the excessive profit motive from healthcare. We believe a financial system where premiums are based on ability to pay is the only way we can provide comprehensive, affordable, high quality healthcare for every person.

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Facts about Health Insurance in Minnesota
50 to 67 %
The percent of increases to Minnesota health insurance premiums in 2017
65 %
Two out of three of personal bankruptcies are linked to illness and medical bills
35 %
Only one out of three employers with 1-49 employees offer health insurance
1.5 - 3 x
How much higher health insurance rates are for Minnesotans of color

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Minnesota Captiol Building

HCA-MN legislative update

As presented at the last HCA-MN Quarterly Meeting in late March, here is the status of various health reform bills making their way through the Minnesota Legislature. SF 1125 & …